Deputy Sheriff (Experienced, Certified, or Academy Applicants Only)
Waukesha, WI 
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Job Description

Waukesha County is accepting applications on a continuous basis from experienced law enforcement applicants, certified law enforcement applicants, and individuals currently attending a law enforcement academy.

Waukesha County is a great place to work! We offer generous benefits such as excellent health-dental-vision-life insurance, participation in the Wisconsin Retirement System, ample vacation time, training courses, career advancement, and an exceptional employee wellness program that offers a variety of programs and tools to help promote an employee's wellness and health.

Click on the link below to learn more about the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department and becoming a Deputy Sheriff.

Starting pay for candidates with no experience is at least $31.89/hr. Starting pay for those hired with experience will be determined based on experience.

Lateral Transfer Benefits
Newly hired deputies who have at least three years of full-time experience as a certified law enforcement officer within the 48 months prior to hire are afforded a higher starting wage, up to 10 days of vacation and 40 hours of paid sick time during the first year of employment. After the first year of employment, deputies hired with lateral transfer benefits accrue vacation time in accordance with the County's vacation schedule, based on their total number of years of experience as a full-time certified law enforcement officer.

The details of the lateral program can be found on page 16 of the

Example of Duties

Under supervision, to enforce federal, state, and County laws and ordinances consistent with policies, procedures, rules, regulations and other communications of the Department. Patrols County roads and highways to ensure the peace and safety; maintains order and security in courtrooms and County facilities; serves civil process and warrants, and performs other duties as required.


  1. Ensures the peace and safety of the public through enforcement of laws, ordinances and Department policies.
  2. Patrols roads and highways in Waukesha County.
  3. Attends court as a bailiff and preserves peace and order in courtrooms; responds to safety and security situations within County facilities as requested.
  4. Responds to complaints and conducts thorough investigations including, but not limited to, felony, misdemeanor, accident and ordinance violations.
  5. Issues citations, properly collects evidence, completes appropriate paperwork and reports, and makes arrests where appropriate.
  6. Delivers and serves civil process papers and warrants on individuals, including transporting individuals to court or jail as directed by the warrant.
  7. Provides assistance during special events including traffic direction and crowd control; ensures public safety.
  8. Renders first aid when necessary.
  9. Transports persons in custody to and from institutions or court and takes appropriate security measures to ensure custody.
  10. Responds to emergency situations and assists in providing security and search and rescue operations; makes appropriate notification to persons and agencies required to respond to given emergency situations.
  11. Uses appropriate levels of force to capture, control and detain individuals.
  12. Maintains a variety of records and prepares clear and concise reports.
  13. Appears in court as a witness and testifies concerning law enforcement actions and investigations.
  14. Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with supervisors, other employees, law enforcement agencies, court and other government officials, medical professionals and the general public.
  15. Represents the Department and makes presentations to school and community groups on law enforcement activities including crime prevention, safety, security and Department services.
  16. Ensures truthfulness at all times and provides credible testimony.
  17. Maintains a level of fitness to pass the Department's annual Physical Ability Test (PAT) which simulates important physical abilities necessary to perform the duties of a Deputy Sheriff (applicable to individuals hired on or after January 1, 2008).
  18. Performs other duties as necessary.

Essential Knowledge and Abilities

  1. Considerable knowledge of modern law enforcement principles and practices.
  2. Considerable knowledge of federal, state and County laws and regulations.
  3. Considerable knowledge of courtroom policies, procedures and processes.
  4. Considerable knowledge of statutory provisions relating to arrest, search and seizure, and methods employed in the detection and apprehension of criminals and traffic offenders.
  5. Working knowledge of occupational hazards and safe work practices.
  6. Working knowledge of the basic principles of first aid.
  7. Ability to learn and effectively apply principles, techniques, methods and practices, and properly use law enforcement equipment.
  8. Ability to read, understand and abide by department policies, procedures and orders.
  9. Ability to effectively communicate, understand and follow written and oral instructions.
  10. Ability to act quickly and calmly in emergency situations and handle difficult and complex situations within established legal and procedural guidelines.
  11. Ability to learn and effectively apply emergency first aid practices and procedures.
  12. Ability to make sound decisions and use good judgment.
  13. Ability to maintain accurate and complete records and prepare clear and concise reports.
  14. Ability to competently and credibly testify in court.
  15. Ability to lawfully operate designated motor vehicles at all times that duties are performed.
  16. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with supervisors, other employees, law enforcement agencies, court and other government officials, medical professionals and the general public.
  17. Ability to use computer and electronic equipment for Department paperwork, investigations, and reports.
  18. Ability to geographically coordinate a location and travel to another location safely and in the most expeditious way possible.
  19. Ability to effectively interact with sensitivity with persons from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, educational, racial, ethnic, and professional backgrounds, and persons of all ages and lifestyles.
Minimum Qualifications

An initial application screen is conducted by Human Resources. Those meeting the minimum requirements are referred to the Sheriff's Department for further evaluation. The minimum requirements are:

  1. At least 18-years of age.
  2. United States citizen.
  3. High school diploma or GED.
  4. Sixty (60) semester credits of post high school education (associate degree level or higher) from an accredited university, college, or technical school, preferably in criminal justice, police science, business or public administration, or the social sciences. Note: Sixty (60) credits may be waived for individuals with training (e.g. military training) or experience that has been approved by the American Council on Education (ACE). For information on how to request a waiver, visit . From the home page, click on the Training and Standards menu and then Officer Training, Employment, and Reciprocity link.
  5. Ability to possess a firearm.
  6. No felony convictions.
  7. Valid driver's license.
  8. Law enforcement experience, eligible for certification as a law enforcement professional in the State of Wisconsin (this means you graduated from a law enforcement academy), or individuals currently attending a law enforcement academy.
Supplemental Information

  • In general, the selection process includes an application review, employment interview, background investigation, physical ability testing, polygraph examination (potential topics may include drug use, illegal activities, thefts, job performance/employment, driving habits, life history, integrity, etc.), psychological evaluation, medical examination, and drug test.
  • Candidates best meeting the qualifications and requirements of a Deputy Sheriff position, as determined by the Department, may be invited to participate in other hiring activities.
  • For more information about Wisconsin law enforcement professional standards, visit
  • To learn more about Waukesha County's Deputy Physical Ability Test download the candidate preparation guide here:
  • Most communication regarding this recruitment will be conducted via email. Consider adding the address to your contacts to ensure you do not miss out on emails.

Deputy Sheriff
Waukesha County's pay plans, group insurance programs, and other benefit policies comprise a package that is highly competitive and satisfies the needs of its employees.This is intended to give only a brief summary of the employee benefit package; it should not be considered a complete or definitive source of information. Employees should refer to the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Additional information will be provided in new employee orientation once an employee is hired.

Salary Plan
Deputy Sheriff's wages are negotiated with the Waukesha Deputy Sheriff's Labor Union and contain 7 steps.Employees normally begin at the first step in their salary range; but, depending on an individual's qualifications and other factors, employees may start at a higher step. You may receive increases at six (6) to twelve (12) month intervals based upon a merit evaluation by your supervisor.

Work Schedule
The normal work schedule for a Deputy Sheriff shall be four (4) days on and two (2) days off and then five (5) days on and two (2) days off, on a rotating schedule.Eight (8) hours and fifteen (15) minutes shall constitute a normal workday.Forty-one hours and fifteen minutes (41-1/4 hours) shall constitute a normal workweek.

During the first calendar year and for each succeeding year through the sixth (6th) year of continuous employment, an employee can earn one (1) day of vacation for each month of employment with a maximum of ten (10) days.NOTE: Individuals hired with at least 3-years of full-time law enforcement experience will be placed in the vacation earning schedule based on years of service as a full-time law enforcement professional.

Regular full-time employees receive compensatory time off, at straight time, for the following nine holidays:
New Year's Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
The Day after Thanksgiving
Christmas Eve Day
Christmas Day
New Year's Eve Day

Floating Holidays
2 paid floating holidays earned on February 1 and June 1.

Sick Leave
Employees earn one (1) day of paid sick leave for each month of employment to a maximum of one hundred twenty (120) days. After serving six (6) months of employment, employees are eligible for sick leave benefits retroactive to the date of hire.

Funeral Leave
Up to 24 hours of leave with pay to attend the funeral of an immediate family member.

Health Insurance - High Deductible Healthy Plan
County pays 85% of premium and employee contributes 15% of the premium. Insurance effective the first of the month following 60 days of employment.

Health Savings Account
Pre-tax savings account that can be used for qualifying medical expenses (e.g. office visit fees, co-pays, prescriptions, vision and dental). County contributes to health savings account based on Health Risk Assessment completion-- $2,250 for family plan and $1,125 for single plan.

Onsite Health and Wellness Clinic
Available to individuals who are enrolled in the County's health insurance plan including employees, spouses, and children ages 2+. Preventive care services are free.All dispensed prescriptions are $2. Dispensed available ACA preventative medications are $0 cost. Non-preventative care visits are $28.Physical therapy is $28 per visit.No cost for office visits after deductible is met.Clinic staffed with MD and Physician Assistant, Physical Therapists, and Health Coaches.

Dental Insurance
Choice of two dental plans. Coverage begins on the first day of the month following 6-months of employment.

Vision Insurance
Coverage begins on the first day of the month following 60-days of employment.

Employee Wellness Activities, Program and Fitness Center
24/7 access to a wealth of health tools and information on the wellness portal.On-going education programs, fitness challenges and classes. On-site fitness center.

Retirement Pension
As a full-time employee, you will automatically be enrolled in the Wisconsin Retirement System. This pension is administered by the State of Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds. You are required to pay the employee's share of contributions to the fund, while Waukesha County contributes the employer's share as well as the duty disability share. Employees are vested in their portion of contributions immediately and after five years of creditable service for the employer contribution. To view employee/employer contribution rates, visit Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds' website and type in WRS Contribution Rates in the search box.

457 Deferred Compensation
Optional program used to supplement retirement income.Pre-tax and Roth options available. Eligible to contribute upon hire.

Payroll Roth IRA
Optional post-tax program used to supplement retirement income. Eligible to contribute upon hire.

Group Term Life Insurance
Automatic coverage in life insurance at no cost to employee. Coverage effective first of the month following six months of employment. Coverage upon hire is time times annual salary and then transitions to two times prior year gross salary after at least one full calendar year of employment is completed.

Voluntary Supplemental Term Life Insurance

Additional voluntary coverage for an employee at the employee's expense. May purchase amount in increments of $25,000 up to $200,000. No medical underwriting upon initial eligibility. Coverage effective first of the month following six months of employment.

Dependent Life Insurance
Voluntary life insurance coverage for a spouse or dependent child at the employee's expense. Coverage effective first of the month following six months of employment.

Coverage options:
Option 1:$20,000 (spouse)/$10,000 (child) - $4.00/month
Option 2: $10,000 (spouse)/$5,000 (child) - $2.00/month

Dependent Care FSA
Optional pre-tax benefit account where employees to deduct up to $5,000 ($2,500 if married and filing separate federal income tax returns) that can used to reimburse self for eligible dependent care services such as child or adult daycare. Coverage effective first of month following 60 days of employment.

Healthcare FSA
Optional pre-tax benefit account where employee can contribute pre-tax dollars to pay for health care expenses not covered under a group health, dental, or vision plan such as deductible, co-insurance, co-pay etc. Must not be enrolled in an HSA Qualifying High Deductible Health Plan to elect. Coverage effective first of month following 60 days of employment.

Retirement Health Savings Plan
Automatic enrollment in a retirement health savings plan. County makes contributions each month on the second paycheck of the month on behalf of employee. Effective the first of the month following 12 months of employment.

Employee Assistance Program
Voluntary program that offers free and confidential assessments, short-term counseling, referrals, and follow-up services to employees and their family members who have personal and/or work-related problems. Unlimited access to a highly informative website with articles and tools to support you in a wide variety of your work/life needs. Eligible immediately upon hire. Employees in the Sheriff's Department also have access to a dedicated counselor for services. Please remember that visits used through the dedicated counselor do not count towards the eight (8) sessions with a counselor under the Employee Assistance Program benefit.

Tuition Reimbursement
Financial assistance for attending Job-related classes.

Employee Discount Programs

  • Dell products
  • Discount on cell service through U.S. Cellular, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon
  • Discounted rate to get Microsoft 365 through Microsoft Home Use Program
Student Loan Forgiveness
Employees may qualify to receive student loan forgiveness under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (


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