HOURLY - Tool and Die Maker
Indianapolis, IN 
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HOURLY - Tool and Die Maker

Job Description:

General Description

  • Fabricates and repairs a wide variety of tooling, parts, assemblies, and holding extremely close tolerances
  • Works with tool design, engineering, production and inspection on fixtures, gages, equipment parts, engineering prototype parts, and production parts
  • Performs non-repetitive inspection on a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous castings and forgings, by complex surface plate setups and layouts, to determine if parts meet prescribed blueprint dimensions and engineering specifications
  • Sets up and operates all types of grinding, gear grinding or gear checking equipment used in tool or die shop work for grinding any type of cutter or tool, or for the original making of cutters or cutting tools
  • Inspects a wide variety of new and used tools, complex tools, fixtures, dies, gages, and special machines to determine if they meet blueprint or gaging specifications

General Requirements

  • Plans and makes bench layouts of a variety of tools, gages, dies, jigs, tool holders, fixtures, equipment parts, attachments, etc.
  • Holding extremely close tolerances.
  • Expedites the work to be done on the tooling by improvising setups and operating all types of tool room machines, such as, but not limited to, band saws, boring mills, gear equipment, grinders, comparators, jig borers, jig grinders, electrical discharge machines, drills, hones, lathes, mills, and slotters.
  • Performs hardening, carburizing, normalizing, stress relief, tempering, annealing, etc., on a wide variety of tooling, parts and assemblies using gas and electric heat treat furnaces.
  • Must be able to start furnaces, set temperatures and atmosphere and set read and adjust recording instruments and equipment to maintain desired conditions.
  • Devises operating method and sequence, using specifications shown on blueprints and routings, to produce required physical characteristics in the metals.
  • Performs any minor duties related to heat treat operations.
  • Plans, layouts and makes charts, and a wide variety of template gages, to blueprint specifications, holding extremely close tolerances.
  • May be required to make surface plate setups.
  • Uses a variety of precision measuring instruments and equipment, such as, sine bars, height gages, gage blocks, indicators, micrometers, intramics, hardness testers, profilometers, drafting instruments, hand tools, files, hammers, wrenches, and scribes charts on plastic, glass or metal materials.
  • Checks part dimensions with standard gages and dial indicators.
  • Plans and makes complex surface plate setups and layouts, and performs complete, complex, non-repetitive surface plate inspection on a wide variety of sample and experimental castings and forgings.
  • May be required to enter machine movements, gaging parameters and inspection routines into computerized coordinate measuring machines.
  • Checks, approves and rejects parts in accordance with blueprint and engineering specifications.
  • Visually inspects parts for any casting defects or pattern errors, and makes concise, detailed written reports on any defects or necessary changes in the castings.
  • Sharpens by grinding to size and margin or cutting edge, plain mill cutters, spot facers, end mills, reamers, side mill cutters, angular cutters, inserted blade cutters, and inserted blade boring tools. Reflutes taps where necessary, using special tap grinders, or by means of fixtures on a cutter grinder.
  • Reconditions saws and cutters, broaches, and reamers by gumming and sharpening, sets out, adjusts, or replaces blades on inserted blade cutters or reamers.
  • Grinds form tools to contour, form broaches, reamers, multi-edge high speed or tungsten carbide tools.
  • Uses cylindrical grinder to grind straight cylinders, broach diameters, tapers, fillets, where shoulder joins the shaft, by means of form wheel. Must be capable of grinding all shapes and forms by shaping wheels to proper contours on cylindrical or flat formed tools, burnishing tools, broaches and any and all tools requiring extreme accuracy.
  • Plans and makes surface plate setups and performs non-repetitive and repetitive inspection operations on a variety of complex tools, dies, fixtures, gages and operates a variety of coordinate measuring equipment.
  • Checks, accepts or rejects the above equipment in accordance with blueprint and gaging specifications.
  • Visually inspects tools, gages, etc. For finish appearance, wear, damage, rust, etc.
  • Works with production blueprints, sketches, routings, and both verbal and written instructions.
  • Uses correct feeds and speeds, material processes, and alignment procedures.
  • Handles parts manually or with the aid of material handling equipment.

Required Qualifications

  • Must have completed a formal apprenticeship OR have 8 years of equivalent training to qualify as a Journeyman.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Must have extensive training and experience in the fabrication of tooling, setup and operation of tool room machines, various heat treat operations, mechanical drawing, knowledge of shop math, including trigonometry.
  • Must be able to read, interpret and work from detailed blueprints.
  • Must possess good written and verbal communication skills, and be able to train apprentices and employees-in-training in the tool room.
  • Must be a conscientious, dependable and innovative employee who can work with little or no supervision.
  • May be required to set up, program, and operate computer numerical controlled equipment.
  • Normal shop conditions, but may work in fumes or heat and be required to wear protective clothing and equipment.
  • Must be physically able to do some heavy lifting.

Primary Location:

Indianapolis, IN

Additional Locations:

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