Viral or WOM Marketing Specialist

Job Summary

Responsible for creating campaigns, emails, or videos with the goal of having them spread rapidly through social channels.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Attract an inordinate amount of traffic and page views through the creation and launch of campaigns, emails, or videos that catch people's attention.
  • Grow a company's presence through social media channels.
  • Create a controversial or thought-provoking video or image.
  • Plan the timing of the event.
  • Manage email newsletters.
  • Measure efficacy of the campaign.
  • Ensure digital information is protected and managed properly.
  • Evaluate, organize, manage and contribute to all social media channels in an effort to achieve corporate objectives while ensuring a consistent marketing message.
  • Manage and send email content.
  • Create and support evolving brand strategies.
  • Utilize social media monitoring and engagement software to analyze digital engagement across the internet.
  • Produce unique content for blog posts, content syndication, and other outlets.
  • Identify, interpret, and capitalize on existing or new social media trends, tools, and applications.
  • Create and monitor benchmarks.
  • Implement social listening tools.
  • Create, maintain and execute a social media editorial calendar.