Veterinary Technician

Job Summary

Responsible for caring for animals under the direction of a veterinarian. Feeds, bathes, and walks animals, takes specimens for laboratory analysis, and informs owner of possible problems.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Perform medical tests on animals.
  • Interpret results and inform owner.
  • Treat and diagnose medical conditions.
  • Order and interpret diagnostic imaging tests.
  • Perform laboratory tests such as urinalysis and blood counts.
  • Brush teeth and clip nails.
  • Prepare tissue samples.
  • Take blood and give injections.
  • Record medical histories.
  • Expose and develop x rays and radiographs.
  • Discuss pet's condition with owner and possible solutions.
  • Dispense medication.
  • Train and supervise personnel.
  • Provide care for cats, dogs, mice, rats, sheep, pigs, cattle, monkeys, birds, fish, and frogs.
  • Record information on an animal's genealogy, diet, weight, medications, food intake, and clinical signs of pain and distress.
  • Euthanize ill or unwanted animals.
  • Participate in biomedical research.
  • Clean cages.
  • Restrain, lift, and hold animals as needed.
  • Bathe and feed animals.