Job Summary

Responsible for supplying specific goods or services to individuals or companies. May sell items at a fair, sporting event, market, or any place frequented by consumers.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Supply goods to clients.
  • Sell refreshments, programs, alcohol, novelties, or cushions at sports events, parades, concerts, or other venues.
  • Takes orders and checks inventory to ensure products are in stock.
  • Describes product features and tells people how to maximize its use.
  • Hand, pass, or throw items to the purchaser and in turn receive payment, making change as necessary.
  • Collect money for sales.
  • Count money at the end of a shift and turn over income.
  • Reimburse manager or boss for the provision of vended items.
  • Search for purchasers among large crowds.
  • Keep foodstuffs hot or cold.
  • Dispense napkins, straws, and condiments as needed.
  • Greet customers warmer and answer questions about products.
  • Negotiate pricing for products and services.
  • Replenish inventory as needed.
  • Count out correct change using simple math.
  • Manage different vendors.
  • Clean up machines, bags, and other equipment at the end of a shift.
  • Collect tips from customers.
  • Ensure food meets health and safety standards and is kept at optimal temperatures and conditions.