Job Summary

Responsible for assessing clients for the services provided by a health insurance company, creditor or investment house. Determine the financial risks a potential client could pose to the company and whether a relationship between the two would be lucrative.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Determine if a potential client’s risk factors will allow a company to insure him or her.
  • Handle policy applications from both companies and individuals.
  • Green light or decline insurance coverage based on findings.
  • Use special software to analyze the information provided in the applications to verify the probability of a loss for their company.
  • Compare applications with similar policies and consult actuarial studies to determine their company's record of losses.
  • Establish terms of the coverage.
  • Review all information in client's application for accuracy and completeness.
  • Ensure file is complete.
  • Assess client's income and expenses, including bank accounts, financial statements, and pay stubs.
  • Determine client's willingness and ability to repay loan.
  • Assist in appraising property to determine amount of loan related to property worth.
  • Handle life insurance and health insurance if applicable.
  • Calculate risks based on individual or group information to determine premiums necessary for coverage.
  • Require that certain conditions are met to insure a client or facility
  • Handle rate negotiation with clients or insurance broker.
  • Write policies.
  • Evaluate the insurance application in relation to the company's underwriting standards.