Theatrical Artist

Job Summary

Responsible for application of theatrical makeup to actors and actresses' faces for a play or dramatic performance.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Apply makeup and prosthetics to the faces and bodies of actors and actresses.
  • Analyze script to determine mood, look, and feel.
  • Concept with directors on his or her ideas for appearance.
  • Work in theaters and opera houses.
  • Work with costume designer on color palettes to go with costumes and changes.
  • Confer with stage officials on artistic direction.
  • Check on lighting to determine if heavy makeup is needed.
  • Study production information, including time period and character profiles.
  • Write makeup sheets.
  • Examine photographs and models.
  • Maintain clean set equipment.
  • Clean and scrub faces.
  • Apply several layers of makeup.
  • Apply prop makeup, including bruises or wrinkles if necessary.
  • Purchase and maintain equipment, hairpieces, wigs and various prosthetic items.
  • Adjust makeup as necessary during a performance.
  • Suggest skin care routines to actors to minimize breakouts and chemical reactions.
  • Travel to locations.
  • Work within a team to apply makeup to one or more persons.