Technical Recruiter

Job Summary

Responsible for sourcing, recruiting, and screening applicants for a variety of technical positions, including software engineers, system administrators, computer programmers, and database administrators.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Source, interview, and select applicants for technical positions.
  • Meet with hiring managers to determine job duties.
  • Write job descriptions.
  • Match applicants to job openings.
  • Source for future job openings.
  • List job postings on job boards, social media, corporate career web sites, and other possible channels.
  • View applications.
  • Call applicants and perform phone screens.
  • Have applicants come in for formal interviews.
  • Instruct applicants on the nature of the job and whom they will be speaking with during the interview.
  • Arrange for travel and lodging.
  • Facilitate meeting between hiring manager and applicant.
  • Interview applicants.
  • Hand out and grade assessments.
  • Participate in final selection of applicant.
  • Create portfolio of possible candidates for hiring manager.
  • Check references.
  • Perform background checks on applicants and identify potential red flags.
  • Initiate drug tests and interpret results.
  • Inform candidate of company's decision.
  • Compose offer letters and negotiate salary and benefits.
  • Inform applicants not chosen of company's decision.
  • Keep track of all applications file away important notations such as gender, race, and ethnicity.
  • Talk with civic, social, and other groups to provide information concerning job possibilities.
  • Travel to colleges to recruit students.
  • Forecast budgets for recruiting expenses.
  • Participate in implementing new recruiting technology, such as applicant tracking systems and screening tools.