Tech Writers

Job Summary

Responsible for translating technical jargon into language that can be easily comprehended. Develops and disseminates technical content for a variety of users.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Prepare and write training materials, manuals, brochures, and other technical pieces of literature.
  • Edit documents for grammar and clarity.
  • Develop technical content for a variety of users.
  • Use technical content to resolve business communications issues.
  • Write operating instructions, how-to-manuals, and assembly instructions.
  • Develop documentation for computer programs.
  • Set up communication systems with customers to assess level of satisfaction.
  • Develop quality control processes.
  • Work alongside engineers, scientists, computer specialists, and software developers to write process controls and functions.
  • Manage flow of information within groups during development and testing.
  • Write processes to improve quality of product support.
  • Oversee the preparation of illustrations, photographs, diagrams, and charts.
  • Translate complex concepts into easily understandable language.
  • Conduct usability studies.
  • Assist with improving upon design of a product.
  • Conduct research on topics through observations and discussions.
  • Demonstrate understanding of subject matter.
  • Prepare material for the Internet.
  • Work with graphic design, page layout, and multimedia software.
  • Use technology on the Web to blend text, graphics, multidimensional images, and sound.