Statement Clerk

Job Summary

Responsible for preparing and sending out bank statements to customers. Answers questions and also identifies and corrects discrepancies in accounts.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Compile data to prepare bank statement.
  • Look up customer information to locate statement.
  • Encode and cancel checks.
  • Use bank machines.
  • Take orders for checks and ensure they are sent out.
  • Verify that checks are signed and all information is complete and accurate.
  • Stop payments on checks at customer's request to prevent payment.
  • Load machines with statements, cancelled checks, or envelopes to prepare statements for distribution to customers.
  • Stuff envelopes.
  • Weigh statements in envelopes and affix correct postage.
  • Mail out statements.
  • Maintain database of canceled checks and signatures.
  • Retrieve checks returned to customers in error.
  • Adjust customer accounts.
  • Handle customer complaints.
  • Answer inquiries.
  • Compare previous bank statements with canceled checks and correct discrepancies.