Special Agent

Job Summary

Responsible for investigating violations of U.S. laws, compiling evidence, and reporting findings to the attorney general.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Investigate crimes such as kidnapping, money laundering, counterfeiting, extortion, terrorism, espionage, bank robbery, fraud, and sabotage.
  • Interview witnesses and suspects.
  • Perform undercover surveillance.
  • Investigate criminal violations of federal, state, or local laws to determine if evidence is sufficient to recommend prosecution
  • Take photographs.
  • Participate in raids.
  • Use the evidence during court proceedings.
  • Analyze crime scenes and bag evidence.
  • Examine blood spatters.
  • Collect and record physical information about arrested suspects, including fingerprints, height and weight measurements, and photographs.
  • Work in crime detection laboratories and analyze blood or DNA samples.
  • Work within fingerprint databases.
  • Track down criminals wanted for international crimes.
  • Investigate federal crimes, such as tax evasion and counterfeiting.
  • Run character and security checks on government employees.
  • Use informants to get leads on suspects or illegal activity.
  • Coordinate activities with other offices or agencies.
  • Obtain and act on search warrants.
  • Search property such as buildings, houses, and vehicles for evidence of illegal activity.
  • Present findings in an impartial way.
  • Review completed cases for accuracy.