Soil Conservationist

Job Summary

Responsible for coming up with ways to control soil erosion or conserve soil. Performs research, conducts studies in the field, and writes reports.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Create and implement soil management techniques, including nutrient management, buffers, erosion control, and filter strips.
  • Schedule and conduct annual audits of areas where soil conversation is being mandated.
  • Enter soil and water data into adaptive tools and analyze results.
  • Employ geographic information systems (GIS) applications to address issues such as surface water quality, groundwater quality, ecological risk assessments, air quality, or environmental contamination.
  • Handle issues covering wetland jurisdiction.
  • Provide solutions to farmers and ranchers' soil problems.
  • Design and carry out soil conservation practices.
  • Develop comprehensive natural resources conservation programs.
  • Assist landowners and operators of agricultural, residential, recreational and public lands in the planning, application and maintenance of a variety of agronomic and engineering practices that address soil, water, air, plant, animal and human resource issues.
  • Walk landscape and collect resource data.
  • Propose practical and suitable alternatives for resource concerns.
  • Plan, coordinate, or advise on work efforts, or to resolve issues to carry out cooperative conservation work smoothly and efficiently.
  • Contact program participants to follow-up on conservation plans and contracts.
  • Document accomplishments and recommend further action required to ensure conservation objectives.
  • Provide national leadership for development of data to support landscape conservation initiatives and related activities.
  • Provide technical assistance and guidance to individuals, small groups, and units of government in the development and implementation of conservation and natural resources plans.
  • Aid in decisions on how to conserve, improve, and maintain their soil, water, air, plant, animal, and human resources.
  • Applies or supervises the application of conservation practices on farms.