Social Science Research Assistant

Job Summary

Responsible for helping social scientists in the laboratory and with research. Assists with experiments, analysis, quality control, data entry, reporting, and more.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Assist social scientists in laboratory or office setting.
  • Prepare findings for publication and assist in laboratory analysis, quality control, or data management.
  • Manage and maintain complex databases.
  • Obtain consent from research subjects.
  • Select research subjects for social science studies.
  • Perform descriptive and multivariate statistical analyses of data.
  • Conduct research and implement quality control procedures.
  • Develop understanding of biological sciences principles.
  • Recruit research subjects for imaging studies.
  • Schedule and coordinate subject visits.
  • Maintain research database.
  • Assist with data collection by physically helping research participants in the MRI scanner and operating the scanner.
  • Analyze imaging data.
  • Write and contribute to publications.
  • Study brain networks.
  • Develop leading edge functional and structural neuroimaging methods.
  • Develop research protocols.
  • Design and create research modules for dissemination.
  • Track progress over time.
  • Assist with preparation of all educational and training workshops and evaluation strategies.
  • Engage clinical and community partners in research
  • Market training and technical assistance resources to clinical partners and academic investigators.
  • Develop assessment and evaluation tools.
  • Compile data for progress reports.