Shuttle Car Operator

Job Summary

Responsible for operating diesel or electric-powered shuttle cars in underground mines. Transports materials from working face to mine cars or conveyors.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Transport materials to mine cars.
  • Control conveyors to distribute loads as loading progresses.
  • Fuel, repair, and service equipment.
  • Replace parts as needed.
  • Drive loaded shuttle cars to ramps.
  • Operate controls to discharge loads into mine cars or onto conveyors.
  • Use pinchers to move mine cars into position.
  • Load and unload mine cars.
  • Stop cars by switching and applying brakes.
  • Ride cars down slopes.
  • Hook cars to cables.
  • Control cable drum brakes.
  • Ease cars down inclines.
  • Open bottom doors of cars and dump contents.
  • Move stakes, place blocks, and position anchors.
  • Ensure material is loaded to specifications.
  • Close bottom doors of cars after unloading.
  • Observe hand signals when operating machines.