Satellite Engineer

Job Summary

Responsible for designing programs for orbiting satellites. Ensures satellites are functioning properly, creates command systems, and remotely controls satellite activities.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Control and direct satellite activities from the ground.
  • Ensure orbiting satellites are on the right path.
  • Collect data from orbiting satellites.
  • Create satellite command systems.
  • Work within ground stations to monitor satellites.
  • Conduct testing of communication equipment and systems.
  • Track and record satellite trends.
  • Write status reports.
  • Analyze, design, model, and simulate communications systems, subsystems, and algorithms for satellite communications networks.
  • Design and model data-links, digital radio, battle management, and command and control systems.
  • Model and simulate wide and local area networks, point-to-point systems, secure systems, signal coding and modulation schema, digital radio/communications technology and network architecture design.
  • Analyze and provide information on space segment lease cost, bandwidth requirements, and frequency management.
  • Maintain standards for satellite database access control and auditing.
  • Develop strategies to effectively leverage and integrate new technologies into existing network infrastructure.