Rough Carpenter

Job Summary

Responsible for building and erecting rough wooden structures, including scaffolds, tunnels, bridges, concrete forms, billboards, and sewer supports.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Read and interpret blueprints.
  • Study diagrams to decide where structures should be built.
  • Order and cut materials.
  • Build scaffolding for buildings and ships.
  • Set up shoots to pour concrete.
  • Measure distances using measuring tape.
  • Saw boards, plywood, or timber.
  • Nail materials together.
  • Anchor forms into place using rods, cables, wedges, nails, and timbers.
  • Build scaffolds, roof supports, chutes, and framework.
  • Build and install door and window frames.
  • Erect trestles and cofferdams.
  • Install subflooring and other fixtures.
  • Detect rot, decay, or chips in framework and make repairs as needed.
  • Dig post holds to support framework.
  • Design and build falsework to temporarily strengthen, protect, or disguise buildings.
  • Nail plaster grounds to studding to provide guide for plasterer.
  • Nail cleats to boards to provide support.