Retention Marketing Specialist

Job Summary

Responsible for coordinating the loyalty and retention programs designed to win back, reward, and retain customers and clients.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Create, optimize, and evolve retention strategies to keep clients.
  • Work closely with various business units to develop objectives.
  • Identify areas of customer improvement.
  • Evaluate the customer service experience.
  • Distribute surveys and questionnaires to determine customer satisfaction.
  • Evaluate quality assurance programs.
  • Develop an understanding of what is needed to create a great client experience.
  • Perform evaluations of sales teams.
  • Create new or develop existing retention campaigns and programs.
  • Influence and improve results.
  • Work with cross-functional teams to lead the creation and preparation of new campaigns for execution including campaign strategy, offer development, business case creation and approval, communication brief development, and client targeting.
  • Evaluate program results and optimize as needed.
  • Lead adhoc projects and initiatives that bring about change or improve the business.
  • Prepare and present presentations to various audiences to influence the loyalty and retention program.
  • Identify sales opportunities while servicing customers.
  • Sell new products to existing customers.