Refuse Material Collector

Job Summary

Responsible for collecting garbage, debris, and recyclables from homes, streets, and businesses. Picks up garbage bins and dumps refuse into trucks.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Pick up debris and refuse from homes and businesses.
  • Manually move material from one place to another.
  • Pack or wrap material by hand.
  • Keep a record of the material they move.
  • Go back to retrieve cans that were missed.
  • Pick up trash on the street that missed dumpster.
  • Replace trash cans curbside.
  • Use signals to assist machine operators who are moving larger pieces of material.
  • Pick up leaves and yard refuse.
  • Transport trash to dump, landfill, or recycling center.
  • Lift cans by hand and empty into truck, or operate crane to lift cans.
  • Drive garbage or recycling truck along scheduled route.
  • Use a hydraulic lift to empty contents of the dumpster into their truck.
  • Refuel trucks or add other fluids, such as oil or brake fluid.
  • Operate automated or semi-automated hoisting devices.
  • Tell dispatchers about delays or accidents.
  • Inspect dump trucks before and after route.