Recreation Attendant

Job Summary

Responsible for organizing or supervising activities during events such as camp; running concession stands or amusement park rides; or assisting patrons at an event or performance.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Assist patrons at events.
  • Collect tickets or money for rides or concessions.
  • Ensure appropriate number of people can get on rides.
  • Ensure children are the appropriate height and age for rides.
  • Latch passengers in securely.
  • Board passengers onto ride.
  • Explain safety procedures to riders.
  • Point out evacuation routes.
  • Operate equipment that starts and shuts down ride.
  • Entice patrons by describing the actions of the ride.
  • Ensure passengers are secured safely.
  • Pull down safety bars, buckle seat belts, or secure harnesses.
  • Inspect equipment to detect wear and tear.
  • Perform minor and major repairs.
  • Oil and lubricate parts as needed.
  • Stop vehicle and de-board passengers in case of emergencies.
  • Provide assistance to patrons entering and exiting ride.
  • Prepare, check-out, inspect and check-in outdoor recreation equipment and
  • store properly.
  • Maintain and provide equipment to participants of sporting events or other recreational event.
  • Prepare surfaces of ice rink for skaters or hockey players.
  • Describe park attractions to patrons.
  • Entice patrons to play games.
  • Supervise game play and award prizes.
  • Install, break down, and clean equipment, vehicles, rides, booths, facilities, or grounds.