Railroad Yard Worker

Job Summary

Responsible for coordinating activities of freight and passenger trains. Works in rail yard.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Oversee and coordinate the activities of workers in the rail yard.
  • Tell yard engineers where to move cars to fit the planned configuration or to load freight.
  • Ensure that trains are carrying the correct material before leaving the yard.
  • Review schedules, switching orders, and shipping records of freight trains.
  • Operate freight cars within rail yards that use remote locomotive technology.
  • Arrange for defective cars to be removed from a train for repairs.
  • Inspect defective cars.
  • Switch train traffic to a certain section of the line to allow other inbound and outbound trains to get around.
  • Break up or put together train cars according to a schedule.
  • Place and pull cars.
  • Plan alternative routes.
  • Delegate work and provide directions.
  • Remain informed about cargo content.
  • Alert conductors about when to change speed.
  • Add or remove railcars.