Railroad Conductor

Job Summary

Responsible for working on the train and coordinating activities of freight and passenger train crews.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Ensure passengers board safely and baggage is properly secured.
  • Check passengers’ tickets.
  • Stamp tickets and issue receipts.
  • Take payments from passengers who did not buy tickets in advance.
  • Announce stations and give other announcements as needed.
  • Announce bad weather.
  • Help passengers to safety when needed.
  • Assist passengers with disabilities.
  • Deal with unruly passengers when needed
  • Oversee loading and unloading of cargo.
  • Give departing passengers directions.
  • Coordinate activities of train crew.
  • Ensure safety and comfort of all onboard.
  • Point passengers to areas where they can use the bathroom or buy food and drink.
  • Discuss train's route, timetable, and cargo with locomotive engineer.
  • Keep locomotive engineer informed of any changes in the condition of train.
  • Receive and relay information about delays and the location of other trains.