Public Address System Announcer

Job Summary

Responsible for making announcements with a microphone or amplifier over a loud speaker at events such as weddings, parties, at clubs, or during sports events.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Make announcements at public events.
  • Act as master of ceremonies or disc jockey at weddings, parties, clubs, or other gathering places.
  • Tell patrons about discounts, special promotions, or upcoming events.
  • Deliver live banter and jokes to enliven mood.
  • Read prepared scripts.
  • Calm down crowds if there is an emergency.
  • Inform crowds how to properly exit the building.
  • Point out exit doors.
  • Encourage patrons to tip bartenders.
  • Be able to give statistics and announce names of players and officials.
  • Study layout of event venue.
  • Work with event director to ensure timing of announcements.
  • Announce bride and groom when they enter the reception.
  • Provide commentary during sports play.
  • Deliver updated scores.
  • Preview and play set list and announce song titles and singers.
  • Warmly receive clients and guests.
  • Announce information of interest to patrons of all sporting events.
  • Announce starting line-ups, in-game announcements, public address announcements, presentations, sponsorship announcements, contests, and coming events.