Psychiatric Aide

Job Summary

Responsible for caring for the mentally ill or emotionally disturbed. Works alongside psychiatrists and psychologists to provide care.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Provide care to emotionally disturbed or mentally ill patients in a healthcare setting.
  • Perform routine tasks under the supervision of registered nurses.
  • Take patient's temperate, pulse, and respiration rate.
  • Take blood pressure and determine if range is abnormal.
  • Answer calls for help and determine if additional help is needed.
  • Prepare and serve meals.
  • Feed patient and mash up food if necessary.
  • Bathe and dress patient.
  • Make beds and perform light housekeeping duties in patient's room.
  • Take patient on walks.
  • Deliver them to operating rooms.
  • Provide skin care.
  • Set up equipment.
  • Store and move supplies.
  • Observe patients' physical, mental, and emotional conditions.
  • Observe fluid intake and output.
  • Report abnormal changes or patterns to nursing staff.
  • Develop nurturing relationships with patient.
  • Empty bedpans and change dirty linens.
  • Report violent behavior.
  • Follow proper procedures for lifting and moving patients.
  • Bathe deceased patients.
  • Accompany body to morgue.
  • Insert catheters and administer bladder irrigations.
  • Perform enemas.
  • Socialize with patients.
  • Lead them in educational and recreational activities.
  • Play games with patient or watch television or movies with them.