Product Development Associate

Job Summary

Responsible for researching, developing, and launching new products for a company. Responds to company initiatives by driving new products to meet customer needs.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Grow company revenues by developing new products.
  • Manage product certification process.
  • Ensure products are safe enough to be placed on shelves and sold.
  • Work closely with engineers to develop prototypes for products.
  • Work with vendors to identify issues with incoming products.
  • Advise vendors on best practices and methods to correct issues.
  • Participate in quality assurance process.
  • Participate in creating, launching, or implementing new products.
  • Develop methodology to test and measure products and applications.
  • Manage future and existing assigned products, set objectives and report on performance.
  • Generate products and services from inception to commercialization for customers.
  • Define products and programs.
  • Establish milestone and objectives.
  • Oversee development of advertising, public relations and all marketing communications to meet product objectives.
  • Work with product management team to ensure process is efficient.
  • Lead teams in developing and defining business requirements for retention products.
  • Define product vision.
  • Work with suppliers and regional marketing teams to deliver quality products.
  • Ensure revenue and customer satisfaction goals are met.
  • Participate in cross-functional teams to execute product development plan.
  • Conduct periodic product analysis and optimize as needed.