Private Detective

Job Summary

Responsible for collecting and disseminating information on a company or individual to uncover facts about personal or legal matters. Performs surveillance, takes photos, performs background checks, and compiles information into a report.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Uncover facts about legal, financial, or personal matters regarding a person or company.
  • Provide pre-employment verification.
  • Investigate computer crimes, such as identity theft, harassing e-mails, and illegal downloading of copyrighted material.
  • Provide assistance in criminal and civil liability cases, insurance claims and fraud cases, child custody and protection cases, missing-persons cases, and premarital screening.
  • Investigate individuals to prove or disprove infidelity.
  • Perform undercover surveillance and take photographs.
  • Recover deleted e-mails, files, and documents.
  • Uncover records of a subject's prior arrests, convictions, and civil legal judgments; telephone numbers; information about motor vehicle registrations; records of association and club memberships; and social networking site details.
  • Search for missing persons.
  • Utilize photographic and video cameras, binoculars, cell phones, and GPS systems, detectives gather information on an individual.
  • Investigate fraudulent workers' claims.
  • Keep abreast of with Federal, State, and local legislation, such as privacy laws and other legal issues.
  • Investigate intellectual property theft.
  • Develop financial profiles and carry out asset searches.
  • Collect evidence and compile in a report.