Postal Service Mail Processor

Job Summary

Responsible for sorting and preparing mail for distribution by a mail carrier. Assist in loading mail career vehicles. Unload vehicles at the end of shift and properly file away mail that could not be delivered.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Use machines to sort and prepare mail for distribution.
  • Hand sort letters as necessary.
  • Prepare mail to be loaded onto carrier trucks.
  • Load postal trucks and ensure parcels are packed in delivery route order.
  • Load and operate mail processing, sorting, and canceling machinery.
  • Sort and organize mail for future delivery.
  • Unload trucks after route has been completed.
  • Repair machinery.
  • Bundle, label, and route sorted mail to designated areas depending on destinations and according to established procedures and deadlines.
  • Operate computer scanning equipment, addressographs, mimeographs, and optical character readers.
  • Assist customers at teller windows.
  • Fix wet, spoiled, or broken packages.
  • Check items to ensure that addresses are legible and correct.
  • Place mail onto conveyors for culling and sorting.
  • Weigh parcels to determine postage.
  • Operate forklifts and trains to move mail and large boxes.