Police Records Officer

Job Summary

Responsible for maintaining, organizing, purging, reproducing, and distributing police records.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Maintain database of police records, including arrests, releases, and citations.
  • Issue subpoenas and other court-related documents.
  • Classify, index, and store large volume of material.
  • Destroy records when necessary.
  • Compose and prepare correspondence.
  • Analyze and process evidence.
  • Package, store, and retrieve evidence.
  • Retrieve files when needed for court cases or referral.
  • Submit files to supervisors.
  • Identify, classify, and file fingerprints.
  • Maintain complete files on criminals.
  • Transfer files or make copies as needed.
  • Write and review reports.
  • Process film and photographs from crime scenes.
  • Enter information into file accurately.
  • Maintain records of evidence.
  • Take fingerprints at crime scenes.
  • Maintain records of prison transfers, behavior, psychological counseling, and medications.
  • Scan files into database for electronic storage.
  • Maintain security and integrity of database.
  • Update and organize criminal records.