Job Summary

Responsible for filling and distributing prescriptions to patients. Advises patients on generics, selection, dosages, interactions, and side effects of medications.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Fill and distribute prescriptions to patients.
  • Provide information on side effects of medications and proper dosing.
  • Ensure medication will not interact adversely with another prescribed medication.
  • Fill prescriptions in a timely manner.
  • Submit prescriptions to doctor for automatic refills.
  • Monitor the health and progress of those patients to ensure that they are using their medications safely and effectively.
  • Mix ingredients to form medications.
  • Advise patients on over-the-counter medications.
  • Provide information on durable medical equipment.
  • Complete third-party insurance forms.
  • File claims.
  • Hire and train personnel.
  • Advise patients with conditions such as diabetes, asthma, smoking cessation, or high blood pressure.
  • Make sterile solutions for IVs.
  • Administer inoculations such as flu shots.
  • Plan and evaluate drug programs.
  • Counsel hospitalized patients on drug use before discharge.
  • Keep and update confidential computerized records of patients' drug therapies to prevent harmful drug interactions.
  • Develop new drugs and test side effects.
  • Develop pharmacy benefit packages.