Parts Salesperson

Job Summary

Responsible for selling different parts in mechanical, hardware, repair, or parts stores. Assesses needs, takes orders, finds products, and checks out customers.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Help customers find the spare parts they are looking for.
  • Read catalogs to determine new parts on market.
  • Ensure all necessary parts are stocked and ready for purchase.
  • Order new parts from catalog as needed.
  • Determine replacement parts required, according to inspections of old parts, customer requests, or customers' descriptions of malfunctions.
  • Look over machine, product, or car to determine what part is needed.
  • Locate other vendors who have the part if it isn't carried in store.
  • Recommend substitute parts or show customers how to modify parts.
  • Examine parts for defects.
  • Exchange defective parts.
  • Check out customers.
  • Take cash, check, or credit card for purchase and dispense change.
  • Take inventory of stock and replenish when needed.
  • Take orders over the phone.
  • Sell parts to repair garages, retail shops, truck and bus companies, dealers, and the public.
  • Measure parts, using precision measuring instruments to determine whether similar parts may be machined to required size.
  • Mark and store parts in stockroom according to prearranged system.
  • Set up merchandise for display.
  • Answer the customers' questions or problems.
  • Use knowledge of machines and equipment to discuss the use and features of parts.
  • Look up stock numbers and prices for parts in catalogs or on computers.
  • Receive and deliver parts to customers.