Parking Lot Attendant

Job Summary

Responsible for parking vehicles, taking payments for vehicles already parked, and directing patrons into open spots.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Perform valet duties and park vehicles in open spots.
  • Take tickets from waiting patrons and park or retrieve vehicles.
  • Manipulate vehicles to take advantage of all spaces.
  • Collect fees from patrons wishing to park in garage.
  • Hold up signs advertising parking lot fees.
  • Call tow trucks if person is parked illegally.
  • Issue tags to customers to put up in their windshields for display.
  • Clean up debris from parking lot.
  • Use hand signals and lights to direct patrons into open spots.
  • Check vehicles for damage.
  • Ensure cameras are working properly in case an accident happens.
  • Position or remove barricades to prevent parking in certain spots.
  • Open doors and greet customers.
  • Dispense change if person pays fee to park.
  • Help customers locate their vehicles.
  • Resolve parking lot disputes that occur between customers.
  • Escort customers to their vehicles if needed.
  • Help customers jump-start vehicles that have died.
  • Call for cabs or tow trucks per clients' request.
  • Green-light motorists coming into garage after checking identification.
  • Fill or change flat tires and replace batteries.
  • Help patrons exit parking garage safely.
  • Give directions to nearest highway or destination.