Park Naturalist

Job Summary

Responsible for developing educational programs and performing extensive research to educate the public about the historical, cultural, and environmental nature of parks.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Lead nature walks into the park and describe its inhabitants, trees, and outcroppings, climate, etc.
  • Visit schools and educate children about park or particular species of plant or animal.
  • Identify and interpret wildlife and vegetation issues.
  • Develop and implement environmental education classes for children and adults.
  • Design and create educational and informational exhibits.
  • Restore and maintain natural areas within the parks.
  • Curate live animal collections.
  • Present courses and written environmental materials.
  • Explain and promote the rules and regulations of the recreation facility intended for the safety and welfare of guests and members.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of local and cultural heritage.
  • Point out scientific, historic, and natural features of parks, forests, historic sites or other attractions.
  • Plan and direct activities.
  • Answer questions as needed.
  • Prepare and present reports, lectures, and presentations to educate the public.
  • Prepare brochures.