Museum Conservator

Job Summary

Responsible for caring and restoring objects in a museum such as pottery, armor, tools, coins, weapons, painting, jewelry, and plant and animal specimens.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Care for and preserve rare historical objects.
  • Conduct scientific research using tests, x-rays, and microscopes to determine age, value, and condition of object.
  • Clean and preserve paintings.
  • Use proper sealants depending on material of object.
  • Repair surfaces and mend broken pieces.
  • Construct fossil mounts.
  • Create copies of artifacts, including copies of paintings.
  • Determine best method of storage for object.
  • Adjust climate in storage area.
  • Utilize knowledge of paint chemistry, lighting, and temperate to keep object in its best condition for years to come.
  • Purchase or negotiate the acquirement of artwork.
  • Design placement or setup of object in museum.
  • Create events such as workshops or hold lectures discussing history of the piece.
  • Perform administrative duties as needed.
  • Research pieces of artwork to acquire.
  • Write catalog descriptions for the artwork.
  • Ensure all exhibits are displayed using excellent security methods.
  • Verify authenticity of objects.
  • Persuade private donors to part with objects on a temporary or permanent basis.
  • Write grant proposals.
  • Attend events to promote the museum or exhibit.