Medical Records Technician

Job Summary

Responsible for maintaining the files included in a patient's health information portfolio, including medical history, symptoms, examination results, diagnostic tests, treatment methods, and other services.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Organize and manage patients' health information data.
  • Ensure paperwork is properly filled out.
  • Verify accuracy and accessibility of files.
  • Ensure all files are secure.
  • Communicate with physicians and other healthcare professionals to clarify diagnoses or to obtain additional information.
  • Maintain electronic health records (EHR) databases.
  • Analyze electronic data.
  • Maintain data on patient safety, patterns of disease, and disease treatment and outcome.
  • Improve upon EHR software usability.
  • Develop and maintain health information networks.
  • Codify patients' medical information for reimbursement purposes.
  • Assign a code to each diagnosis and procedure by using classification systems software.
  • Specialize in cancer registry.
  • Maintain facility, regional, and national databases of cancer patients.
  • Review patient records and pathology reports and assign codes for the diagnosis and treatment of different cancers and selected benign tumors.
  • Conduct annual follow-ups to track treatment, survival, and recovery.
  • Calculate survivor rates.
  • Identify potential participants for clinical drug trials.
  • Locate geographic areas with high incidences of certain cancers.