Medical Equipment Repairer

Job Summary

Responsible for maintaining and repairing a variety of medical equipment, including electronic, electromechanical, and hydraulic equipment used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Maintain, calibrate, adjust, and repair medical equipment.
  • Repair patient monitors, defibrillators, medical imaging equipment such as x rays, CAT scanners, and ultrasound equipment, voice-controlled operating tables, and electric wheelchairs.
  • Repair dental and optometric equipment.
  • Use multimeters, software, and computers to communicate with hardware.
  • Fix equipment with hand tools, soldering irons, and other electronic tools.
  • Perform routine scheduled maintenance.
  • Ensure readings are accurate.
  • Set up electric hospital beds.
  • Make repairs on equipment without disturbing patient.
  • Calibrate machines.
  • Adjust the mechanical or hydraulic components of machine.
  • Adjust software to bring equipment back to calibration.
  • Keep records of maintenance.
  • Study technical manuals.
  • Maintain list of recalls.
  • Demonstrate correct operation of equipment.
  • Determine condition of used equipment.
  • Attend training sessions.
  • Remove, repair, or replace defective parts.