Media Planner

Job Summary

Responsible for planning the purchase of ad space for clients. Decides when and where ads should be placed and negotiates rates for ads.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Reach highest number of people with lowest-priced ad possible.
  • Identify target audience.
  • Coordinate launch of media campaigns with marketing, communications, and sales departments.
  • Decide how best way to communicate message.
  • Keep abreast of industry figures, including distribution and audience figures.
  • Monitor buying strategies.
  • Monitor and optimize effectiveness of campaigns.
  • Build relationships with media sales companies.
  • Negotiate rates with media sales companies to obtain most competitive prices.
  • Find a combination of media that will enable the marketer to communicate the message.
  • Buy advertising space in magazines or newspapers.
  • Purchase advertising time on radio.
  • Collect information about the kinds of audiences that can be reached by the different media and the approximate size of those audiences.
  • Use a combination of several different kinds of media to reach different audiences.
  • Gain client approval for each campaign phase.
  • Work with media sales workers employed by newspapers, magazines, cable services, and radio and television stations.
  • Track down and buy space in print publications or television markets.
  • Resell space to advertising agencies.
  • Recommend which days and times ads should run.
  • Prepare advertising schedules.