Mechanical Inspector

Job Summary

Responsible for inspecting machines to ensure that mechanical and other related codes are met. Performs on-site inspections of mechanical systems and recommends steps to improve machine.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Inspect machines to ensure they are up to code.
  • Visit sites to perform inspections.
  • Examine fixtures of machines.
  • Investigate code compliance complaints and resolve or refers complaints to appropriate staff.
  • Inspect storage tanks, fittings, towers, and pipelines.
  • Examine instrumentation, valves, and fittings for defects, such as cracks, corrosion, and leaks.
  • Drill test holes.
  • Take samples.
  • Test for rate of corrosion.
  • Verify extent of damages.
  • Prepare inspection reports.
  • Inspect materials, products, and work in progress for conformance to specifications.
  • Check heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems.
  • Inspect automotive equipment.
  • Interpret all mechanical drawings and their change documentation.
  • Use route sheets and inspection logs.
  • Examine plans, blueprints, tracings, sketches and specifications prior to issuance of permits.
  • Interpret codes and ordinance requirements.
  • Discuss disapproved items with architects, engineers, contractors and/or owner builders to obtain plan changes necessary for approval.