Materials Manager

Job Summary

Responsible for managing purchasing and inventory in a healthcare setting. Plans and forecasts customer orders. Devises policies and procedures in the areas of procurement and inventory control.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Purchase high-quality equipment.
  • Study historical sales records.
  • Take stock of inventory.
  • Consider best price, quality, availability, and reliability when purchasing products.
  • Arrange for safe transport of equipment.
  • Ensure materials and parts in the supply chain meet the minimum requirements for quality assurance standards.
  • Test materials and parts.
  • Place purchase orders.
  • Develop policies and procedures in the areas of procurement, inventory control, receiving, storage and distribution, of supplies throughout the hospital.
  • Interface directly with all departments in the hospital with regards to materials that have been requested to ascertain specifications and need.
  • Maintain adequate supply levels throughout the hospital.
  • Coordinate the maintenance of supplies in the hospital in emergency situations.
  • Maintain sources of emergency supply items from other health facilities and vendors.
  • Request proposals from various manufacturers and distributors for all supplies and equipment throughout the hospital.
  • Follow established safe practices for receiving hazardous substances.
  • Coordinate productive hours, space, equipment and expense as they relate to materials department.