Marking Clerk

Job Summary

Responsible for printing out and affixing price tickets to merchandise, either by hand or using a ticket-printing machine.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Affix labels to merchandise by pasting, sewing, tacking, tying, or pinning.
  • Include information on tickets such as prices, where merchandise was made, and bar codes.
  • Use ticket-printing machine to print multiple tickets.
  • Record production information including returns and purchases.
  • Indicate item size, style, color, and inspection on labels.
  • Pack away merchandise in boxes and seal.
  • Compare printed price tickets with entries on purchase orders.
  • Print selling price on boxed merchandise.
  • Maintain records of buyer and price on tickets.
  • Maintain database of purchases.
  • Ensure ticketing machine is serviced.
  • Detect malfunctions and correct any flaws.