Marine Engineer

Job Summary

Responsible for designing water vessels and parts, such as ships, hulls, and compartments. Ensures that ships function properly and efficiently.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Design and build basic structure of ships and boats.
  • Design and supervise construction of aircraft carriers, submarines, sailboats, and tankers.
  • Design the form and stability of hulls.
  • Develop sectional and waterline curves of hull to establish center of gravity.
  • Design propulsion and steering systems.
  • Establish arrangement of boiler room equipment and propulsion machinery.
  • Operate or supervise the operation of marine machinery on ships.
  • Select materials and write specifications for suppliers and construction workers.
  • Design cargo space, passenger compartments, and ladder wells.
  • Remodel vessels.
  • Perform repairs as necessary.
  • Research use of new materials and techniques.
  • Design yachts and freight vessels.
  • Launch sea trials to determine if anything needs to be modified.
  • Design offshore drilling platforms.
  • Use complex mathematical and physical models to ensure that the ship's design is satisfactory.
  • Perform maritime research.
  • Undertake risk analysis assessment of ships and other marine vessels.