Marine Cargo Inspector

Job Summary

Responsible for inspecting and verifying cargo on marine vessels. Ensures cargo conforms to safety regulations.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Inspect cargo on seagoing vessels.
  • Certify cargo and packaging is in compliance with health and safety regulations.
  • Determine if cargo in holds can proceed to its destination.
  • Decide if cargo needs repair or maintenance.
  • Read documents to see what is in the cargo.
  • Compute tolls and wharf fees.
  • Read blueprints of ship and determine if cargo can fit in designated space.
  • Determine license and safety equipment required.
  • Calculate gross and net tonnage, hold capacities, volume of stored fuel and water, cargo weight, and ship stability factors.
  • Write out certificates of admeasurement.
  • Issue certificates of compliance for cargo that passes inspection.
  • Recommend procedures to correct compliance issues.
  • Ensure that cargo manifests match what's actually being shipped.
  • Facilitate efficient trading by sea.
  • Take photos and document findings to produce a report.
  • Consider the transportation conditions of various freight and implement better methods as necessary.
  • Investigate frozen or live produce.
  • Direct workers loading and unloading cargo.