Machine Feeder

Job Summary

Responsible for feeding material into machines in a uniform manner. Removes material after it's been loaded. Tends equipment.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Feed material carefully into machines.
  • Push buttons and levers to start and stop machine.
  • Load material onto conveyors.
  • Clean, maintain, and repair machinery.
  • Repair or replace bulbs, gathering arm teeth, and hydraulic hoses.
  • Gather material and place it onto cars.
  • Fasten, package, or stack materials and products.
  • Clean debris from hoppers.
  • Clean up debris from conveyors and crushers.
  • Add chemicals, solutions, or ingredients to machines or equipment as required by the manufacturing process.
  • Adjust conveyors and crushers as needed.
  • Oil and lubricate belts, conveyors, and other equipment.
  • Remove trailing cables.
  • Remove all obstructions using safety equipment.
  • Operate winch to place cars under boom-conveyors.
  • Start conveyor booms.
  • Operate gathering-arm motors.