Lyrics Writer

Job Summary

Responsible for writing the words for songs to entertain, tell a story, capture emotion, or teach a lesson.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Creates lyrics to go along with tunes.
  • Write choruses and hooks.
  • Express emotions through lyrics.
  • Work with composers to set lyrics to music.
  • Employ music instruments to go along with lyrics during composition stage, including synthesizers, violins, pianos, and guitars.
  • Listen to music and compose lyrics to go along with melody.
  • Write lyrics that can be used in advertising jingles, cartoons, educational and training videos, soundtracks to movies, and intros for television shows.
  • Network with musicians, singers, producers and other entertainment executives.
  • Work with creative development manager to promote work.
  • Compose lyrics for operas, musical plays, and choral works.
  • Produce words for different types of music, including rap, hip hop, rock, and country.
  • Listen to previous hits to determine popularity of certain genres.
  • Revise verses.
  • Work with singers to appropriately convey lyrics.