Licensed Nurse

Job Summary

Responsible for caring for sick, injured, or disabled people in a healthcare setting. Works under the direction of a registered nurse.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Care for people who are sick, injured, convalescent, or disabled.
  • Provide bedside care.
  • Record patients' vital signs such as height, weight, temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and respiration.
  • Monitor signs continually for changes.
  • Prepare and give injections.
  • Insert and monitor catheters.
  • Administer alcohol rubs.
  • Give massages.
  • Check and dress wounds.
  • Apply topical ointments.
  • Assist with bathing and dressing.
  • Feed patient.
  • Supervise nursing assistants.
  • Collect samples for testing.
  • Perform laboratory tests.
  • Record food and fluid intake and output.
  • Clean and monitor medical equipment.
  • Deliver, care for, and feed infants.
  • Report adverse reactions to medication.
  • Obtain medical histories.
  • Complete insurance forms.
  • Complete pre-authorizations and referrals.
  • Teach relatives how to care for patients at home.
  • Develop care plans.
  • Make appointments.
  • Keep records and perform other clerical duties.
  • Prepare meals.