License Clerk

Job Summary

Responsible for issuing licenses and permits to applicants. Obtains appropriate information and verifies it for accuracy. Determines if applicant is qualified to be licensed.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Obtain information from applicants to ascertain if they are qualified to be licensed.
  • Issue licenses and permits, including driver, automobile, marriage, or other licenses.
  • Ask for pertinent information, including name, address, and age.
  • Ensure applicant fills out all forms appropriately.
  • Time and date stamp forms.
  • Create fee schedule and handle collection of fees.
  • Conduct oral, visual, written, or performance test.
  • Hand out materials for clients to study prior to test.
  • Instruct applicants on how to obtain missing information.
  • Maintain database of license suspensions.
  • Deliver by mail drivers' licenses to out-of-county or out-of-state applicants.
  • Send out reminders to update licenses.
  • Oversee driver education programs.
  • Handle correspondence from insurance companies regarding the licensure of agents, brokers and adjusters.
  • Answer questions regarding licensing policies and procedures.
  • Take photos of applicants for licenses.
  • Operate photographic equipment.
  • Perform data entry.
  • Keep counters replenished with supplies, including pens, stamps, and forms.
  • Ensure forms are up to date.
  • Code information on license applications for entry into computers.