Job Analysis Specialist

Job Summary

Responsible for administering compensation programs and collecting detailed information about job duties to create updated job descriptions or classifications.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Participate in the creation of a compensation structure using data collected from job analysis and research.
  • Revise compensation structures as needed.
  • Collect and examine detailed information about job duties in order to prepare job descriptions.
  • Organize data into buckets.
  • Analyze the duties, training, and skills each job requires.
  • Compare the generic job description to specific company position and modify accordingly.
  • Review existing job descriptions and update both salary and job duties.
  • Help organize and develop new job descriptions.
  • Create job descriptions for a variety of departments, including accounting, marketing, human resources, and C-suite level.
  • Classify positions according to their descriptions.
  • Ascertain if a position should be contract, temporary, exempt, or nonexempt.
  • Study organizational occupational data.
  • Create distribution reports and organization flow charts.
  • Interview workers and managers to ascertain details of job.
  • Observe physical, mental, and training requirements of jobs.
  • Evaluate and modify techniques for recruiting, selecting, promoting, evaluating, and training workers.
  • Classify positions according to guidelines.