Industrial Designer

Job Summary

Concept on existing products and product ideas to develop innovative, ergonomic, user-friendly designs that attract consumers. Coordinate the look and function of product lines.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Draft sketches and illustrations of potential products or work on enhancing an existing product to make it more appealing to consumers.
  • Use blueprints, detailed drawings, or computer-aided designs to demonstrate product potential.
  • Fabricate models using samples.
  • Revise models according to client specifications.
  • Research design trends and product limitations.
  • Work with engineering, marketing, production, and/or sales departments to establish and evaluate design concepts for manufactured products.
  • Present designs to client for approval.
  • Test designs in focus groups or surveys.
  • Perform research on appearance, safety, function, serviceability, budget, production costs/methods, and market characteristics.
  • Attend trade shows and exhibitions.
  • Research cost of production materials and labor to produce product.
  • Develop manufacturing protocol.
  • Develop industrial standards and regulatory guidelines.
  • Take part in specialist or multidisciplinary team meetings.
  • Travel to production facilities to supervise manufacturers' efforts.
  • Work on package design or improving industrial machinery.
  • Create trademarks to appear on advertising materials or company marketing collateral.
  • Supervise drafters.
  • Create machine-readable instructions for further clarification.