Human Resource Labor Relationship Specialist

Job Summary

Responsible for creating policies and procedures for labor relations within a company. Negotiates agreements, conducts grievance hearings, and administers labor relations policies.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Negotiate with unions in collective bargaining negotiations.
  • Handle grievances at work.
  • Negotiate compensation rates, benefits, working conditions, and rates of advancement.
  • Administer labor relations policies and agreements.
  • Ensure adherence to established policies and practices.
  • Develop and implement documentation and reporting for administration of labor relations.
  • Keep abreast of labor laws and collective bargaining.
  • Assess employee needs and whether organization can fulfill them.
  • Interpret and administer contracts pertaining to wages, grievances, employee welfare, pensions, health care, union and management practices and more.
  • Draft contract proposals.
  • Compile information and statistics on the economic proposals of both labor and management.
  • Prepare wage surveys.
  • Help create management training programs.
  • Participate in meetings between labor and management.