Highway Patrol Pilot

Job Summary

Responsible for patrolling highway in an airplane and policing area to detect speeding vehicles, accidents, and suspicious activity.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Police area by flying over in an airplane and spotting suspicious activity, helping motorists in distress, and reporting other various incidents.
  • Enforce traffic and criminal laws.
  • Respond to emergencies.
  • Respond to traffic accidents and dispatch emergency vehicles and other police officers.
  • Arrests criminals or suspected criminals.
  • Process and book prisoners.
  • Report accidents and unsafe driving conditions, such as falling rocks, boulders, ice, or crumbling infrastructure.
  • Redirect flow of traffic around accidents.
  • Clock speeding vehicles and report to ground personnel such as police officers.
  • Respond to emergency request information and relay to appropriate agency dispatcher.
  • Render first aid.
  • Write citations for traffic violations.
  • Inspect vehicles.
  • Testify in court cases.
  • Assist stranded motorists.
  • Keep meticulous records.
  • Investigate accidents to determine cause and who is at fault.
  • Safely operate aircraft and follow standard flight procedures.