Highway Maintenance Worker

Job Summary

Responsible for preparing broken and eroding pavement on highways, rural, and municipal roads. Repairs runways and rights-of-way and clears debris from roads.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Repair broken roads on highway, town, and city roads.
  • Patch potholes.
  • Operate machinery to dig up holes, pour concrete, and smooth out.
  • Repair detached or dented guardrails.
  • Set up cones and signs to alert motorists.
  • Plow snow.
  • Clear off debris.
  • Mow or clear brush from roads.
  • Paint dividing lines between traffic lanes.
  • Lay asphalt.
  • Remove trees from roads.
  • Use a salt truck to salt roads after snowstorms.
  • Operate motor graders, brooms, loaders, backhoes, skidsteers, tractors, mowers, dump trucks, or similar equipment.
  • Patrol roads for hazard, snow/ice conditions and maintenance/repair needs.
  • Place stop signs and speed limit signs along road.
  • Remove road kill.
  • Fill road washouts and clean storm drains.
  • Inspect and maintain operating equipment.
  • Install and clean culverts.
  • Flag traffic to form a detour around construction.
  • Change vehicle fluids, including greases and oils.