Hand Freight Mover

Job Summary

Responsible for moving freight or other materials by hand. May perform other general labor tasks under the guidance of a supervisor.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Move freight and stock by hand.
  • Transport and lift heavy objects without machines.
  • Move freight and stock around storage vehicles.
  • Pick up unwanted household goods.
  • Pack materials for moving.
  • Clean and maintain vehicles.
  • Have vehicles serviced.
  • Manually move material from one place to another very carefully.
  • File damage reports if material is damaged.
  • Pack material by hand.
  • Record materials as they are moved.
  • Use signals to assist machine operators who are moving larger pieces of material.
  • Work with machine operators and material recording clerks to get material moved and recorded.
  • Use automatic sensors and tags to track items.
  • Load material onto conveyor belts or other machines.
  • Find products in storage and transport them to the loading area.
  • Open containers and sort material.
  • Label cartons.
  • Inspect items for defects.
  • Bag groceries at checkouts.
  • Feed materials into equipment and then remove then.
  • Help operator if material becomes jammed.